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29% of CS job openings are filled.

9 of 10 parents want CS to be offered to their children in school

25% of schools teach CS

Implementing Computer Science into a high school doesn’t have to be difficult. Our team supports districts and teachers to attract and engage students in exciting technology curriculum, aligned with standards and national initiatives. Through professional training, curriculum, and support, teachers become fluent in state-of-the-art mobile technology, bringing progressive learning and career-ready skills directly to your students. 



Sometimes new curriculum is built and tossed over the fence with the hope teachers will just get it. We believe that teaching is a profession to be fostered and supported, so we will never do that to you. Relying on educational specialists and mobile app development experts, Mobile Makers has created a training program wherein high school teachers quickly learn the technology, industry, and pedagogy needed to teach a mobile development class. We then support every teacher every step of the way throughout the school year.


Our year long professional development launches with a one week summer  bootcamp where teachers get up to speed with the Swift programming language using Apple's tools and Agile methodologies. Three more times during first semester, teachers reconnect for just in time virtual training sessions to extend their learning. Throughout the year, teachers go beyond Swift to learn CS pedagogy and maximizing student potential.

curriculum toolkit

Teachers receives access to Mobile Makers High School living toolkit. It includes everything from curated learning materials, assessments and rubrics, scope and sequencing of Apple's App Dev for Swift curriculum, and classroom environment tools. It’s a toolkit that allows each teacher to be creative with how they run their classroom while providing the best instruction and curriculum.


We contract working iOS developers dedicated to providing their expertise to help you as a teacher.  If you have a question or get stuck, we’ll get you the answer. If you want to learn something new? They love to mentor and teach. Our ongoing iOS Developer Teacher Meetups provide six additional opportunities for teachers to connect with each other and iOS developers to investigate new Swift topics or instructional strategies.


TRAINING: Comprehensive Professional Development

Our full academic year of just in time training for educators allows teachers who are not currently certified in Computer Science to teach a coding class. The training is composed of an exciting and intense mix of on-site, independent study & virtual-synchronous learning broken into two phases: a one week immersive summer ’bootcamp’ phase and a remote academic school year phase, composed of three workshops. Throughout the trainings teachers build iOS apps and instructional resources in Apple’s programing language, Swift. Additionally, they learn how to implement a dev-shop like work environment into their classroom to prepare students for future ready STEM careers.


CURRICULUM: More than just code

Students will not only get familiar with the current technologies that professional developers used to make apps like Instagram and Tumblr, but also the real world simulation of what a development shop or “tech startup” actually feels like.

Students will learn to construct and apply each element of a mobile app, including views and view controllers, object oriented principals and much more while writing code in Swift.

Students will use the same tools developers use to build the apps that are running on your iOS devices. They'll build their first app in the first week.

From delivering working code to responding to changes, students will understand the Agile Manifesto and why it is used by most of the industry.

For four years, we’ve been wanting to figure out how to introduce mobile app development in our high schools. Now, Mobile Makers has provided THE solution.
— Greg Minter, Associate Principal, Prospect High School, Arlington Heights, Illinois

SUPPORT: Because we're always here for you

We recognize the best learning occurs on the job, so we provide ongoing support throughout the school year to help you as a teacher and as a developer.

iOS Developer Mentor: We contract with working iOS developers who provide real-time mentorship and on-going support via a Slack channel to our teachers. This means, when you get stuck, you've got someone to help you out. And when you want to learn something new, they are there, ready to teach you. 

Peer Support: We have an active Professional Learning Community (PLC) that thrives on sharing strategies, chatting about common themes in CS or CTE education, and just helping each other out. Connect with other teachers across the nation.

Meetups and Workshops: Throughout the year, we run virtual meetups and workshops to refresh, bolster, and learn new stuff.

Wade Sellers
iOS Developer Mentor
Day job: iOS Developer, GoPro


75% of students who took our program are interested in taking more CS

8 out of 10 teachers would highly recommend us to their colleauges

100% of schools who signed up with us are still with us

I just really love the class, I have had the idea of going into computer science for two years now and it is perfect that this class was implemented my senior year. I absolutely love the class and everything that we do in it and I cannot wait for college and more computer science.
— former student
  • Build real iOS apps using Apple’s tools (students will use the tools developers use in the real-world)
  • Use agile project management techniques to build iOS applications from end-to-end (similar to a real dev shop)
  • Experience a development shop culture, navigating the language and work flow—where the teacher acts as the client
  • Learn the basics of computer science by building mobile apps on a device most of them already have in their pocket
  • Practice with industry skills and tools allow students to tear down the walls between the classroom and the marketplace

One Week Summer Bootcamp Training Date

July 24th - 28th, 2017 - Chicago, IL

Contact us for other dates and locations.