Teacher Training + Curriculum Toolkit + Ongoing Support

We Believe

We believe the ability to learn and understand how technology is built and programmed is a necessary 21st century skill. 

We Do

We foster the next generation of mobile developers and teachers. MobileMakersEdu is the go-to business for teacher training and curriculum, and we are supported and respected by leaders in mobile computing.

What Schools Say About Us

App development has opened new opportunities for my students and myself. The problem solving skills they gained isn’t like anything I have witnessed in my ten years of teaching. No matter their career path, the skills gained with benefit them in the future.
— Paul Hennig, Mobile Makers Teacher
Going into my junior year, this school year, I had no clue what I wanted to go to college for. Now, I’m fairly confident that programming and computer science is what I want to pursue.
— From student survey, 2016

Teachers love MobileMakersEdu!

4 out of 5 teachers would recommend MobileMakersEdu to a colleague

MobileMakersEdu grows CS programs

MobileMakersEdu helped one school grow from 30 CS program students in 2013 to over 250 in 2016

Students love MobileMakersEdu!

74% of MobileMakersEdu students want to take more CS courses

Why MobileMakersEdu?

We know education and iOS

We have over 15 years of combined experience in the education space, including higher education, teacher coaching and training, and secondary education.

Our co-founder has over 20 years in the software development and entrepreneurial space. He's hired developers of all skill levels and currently co-owns Eight Bit Studio, a mobile apps shop in Chicago.


We're recognized

Mobile Makers received an Outstanding Business Partner Award from the Northwest Educational Council for School Success “in recognition of the company’s significant contribution in the Field of Career Exploration and Technology Education.”  

- Awarded April 29, 2015


We're first and still agile

In the middle of building our original high school program in 2014, Apple announced Swift, a forward-thinking, all-new revamp of its programming language. Less than 90 days from the start of the school year, we pulled out all the stops, brought on the best and brightest of the field and classroom, and built the first Swift high school curriculum. We maintain that agility because the industry demands it, which means we revisit our tools, training, and documentation throughout the school year and provide ongoing support for teachers, allowing students to work side-by-side with experienced developers.